Seeking a diverse group of 4-6 LGBTQ+ open-minded, 
dedicated performers & collaborators.*

Deadline EXTENDED: JANUARY 16, 2019
I'm working on a new theatre/performance project and I am seeking open-minded performers to collaborate in this work. *You do not need to be a performer or actor although it would be nice to work with a mix of folks with and without experience performing/acting. What is needed is patience, commitment, and openness to pull this together during this time! 

This performance will take place April 26th at EMPAC in Troy, NY! 

Seeking:  Diverse group of LGBTQ+ identified performers 
                 Seeking a range of ages and gender expressions
                 POC performers strongly encouraged to apply
                 Performers who can move and dialogue and who
                 are willing to experiment

Here is a brief description of the project: M.G. (a.k.a. I Want a Baby!, Reimagined)

This new performance work-in-progress is a multi-disciplinary non-linear collage involving elements of theatre, performance, and video. It is a performance about a theatrical play.
In 1926, Sergei Tret’iakov, a writer-journalist-playwright-poet living in Soviet Russia, wrote a play entitled I Want a Baby! The play centers on Milda Grignau, a cultural worker who is involved in the organization of a communal nursery, a common proposal at that time seeking to support women in the task of childrearing in order to allow their greater participation in society. Milda decides that, beyond the nursery, she would also like to contribute a new baby to the burgeoning society…and that she would like to do this without a father or partner figure involved. She pursues Soviet eugenic methods to do this. 

The play is filled with all sorts of ideas around gender, sex, sexuality, parenthood, eugenics, and the pursuit of utopian visions. For various reasons, the play was banned by the repertoire committee in 1927 and never performed in Russia until 1990. 

The play is ripe for a queer and feminist interpretation. Milda’s desire to raise a child alone can be interpreted as queer, a desire that does not conform to traditional notions of a heterosexual nuclear family. In this re-imagining of the play, queerness will be (re)produced “into the past” or retroactively as scholar Valerie Rohy describes, “creating … figurative ancestors.”

This work will explore history through a queer and feminist examination of this play. M.G. (a.k.a. I Want a Baby!, Reimagined) will explore utopic visions and:
  • histories of feminism(s) and reproduction
  • questions related to developments in queer and trans reproduction
  • the relationship of eugenic ideas to contemporary reproductive technologies, race/racism, and ableism
  • queerness and family structures/new forms of relations.
  • visions for radical sociopolitical change now and in the past 
Rehearsal Schedule: I am seeking to begin meeting with folks in January 2019.  We will start with reading the original play and new script and discussing the themes in the works. We will meet weekly throughout January to April. There will also be a week of rehearsals in mid-March at EMPAC on the theatre stage and another one during the week leading up to the performance. 

There will be a small honorarium allocated for each performer. I wish that this could be larger but I have a very limited budget for this work. Beyond this, it is an opportunity to work on a queer-centered project at the innovative media center of EMPAC. I envision this work continuing and seeking to perform it elsewhere in which case I would seek funding to support our cast. 

Things to know: 
1. The performance cast will be mostly queer/LGBTQ+.
2. I want this to be fun and challenging at the same time. I take the work seriously and enjoy it immensely. Punctuality and keeping commitments are a must as well.  
3. There will be times when I ask you to do something specific in a specific manner, and there will be times I will ask the performers to contribute material, thoughts, feedback, help!, etc.
4. My background is not in performance/theatre but rather in video, photo, writing. I do have some 
experience in performing and movement… but it is not my central medium. I am looking for folks who
would like/are willing to experiment with me and with our cast. 

What do you think? Are you interested in the project? In participating? If so—
Send an email to with:
+     Information about yourself 
       (age/how you identify/history (or not) with performance)
+     Contact information (email/phone/what city you live in)

+    CV or Resume & Brief Bio (share about yourself/past experience)
+    Previous works (if applicable) and documentation links
+    Why you are interested in this project
+    What you can bring to the work
+    Can you commit to rehearsals/meetings? Sometimes bi-weekly?
       Sometimes more as it gets closer to the performance?

As a parent, it is important to me that caregivers are able to participate! We can work out childcare arrangements for rehearsals to allow for this participation. 
Please get in touch if you are interested, slightly interested, have questions, etc. We’ll take it from there. 

All the Best,
Angela Beallor


Send an email to with:
+     Subject line: IWAB Performance Application
+     Information about yourself 
       (age/how you identify/history (or not) with performance)
+     Contact information (email/phone/what city you live in)

+    CV or Resume & Brief Bio (share about yourself/past experience)
+     Previous works (if applicable) and documentation links
+     Why you are interested in this project
+     What you can bring to the work

+     Can you commit to rehearsals/meetings? Sometimes bi-weekly?
       Sometimes more as it gets closer to the performance?

Image of El Lissitzky working on the set of I Want a Baby!, a Pravda newspaper, and Lissitzky's young baby laying on top of the photo & newspaper. 

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